Studio CCProgetti has gained solid experience in structural design, operating for more than 15 years in the design of structures and infrastructures.

He collaborates with important national studies with which he participated in the design of numerous infrastructural works, in particular bridges and supporting works.

He was responsible for verifying the anti-seismic capacity of buildings and the interventions necessary to improve it, adapting it to regulatory standards.

Our commitment is constant technical and professional updating aimed at the use of the most modern and rational design technologies that today focus on the BIM - Building Information Modeling philosophy and on the extensive use of the most advanced software tools acquired on the market or self-produced.

With the collaboration of Dario Flaccovio Editore, the following are published:

  • Ponti: Analisi – Progettazione di cui è già stata pubblicata la 2a edizione
  • Sezioni in cemento armato 2.0
  • Analisi Pushover - Criticità e opportunità (Tutorial sul canale YouTube della Flaccovio)

For Autodesk has been created Simplicity, an essential tool to make easier and faster to model the details of the rebars in reinforced concrete.

The studio's technological choices, which focus on Tutorial 3D modeling and facilitate interaction between all the players in each project, have allowed the formation of a solid network of collaboration between professionals capable of tackling a wide range of design problems.