Structural design

The CCProgetti team has reduced the planning time and improved the details produced by developing, year by  year, a collection of software tools.
They are instruments designed and built with the experience of those who carry out the designer's work every day.

The team want to share these applications that are now available on this website.

⇒ Simplicity Dynamic Reinforcement Details

Simplicity is a plug-in for Revit © Autodesk that you can freely download from the Autodesk App Store.
It helps you to create executive drawings of reinforced concrete structures, you insert 3D armor with Autodesk® Revit® tools and then Simplicity will make it extremely fast and easy:
  • Add armor details dynamically linked to revit armor. The details represent the shape of the bars and other main dimensional characteristics.
  • Add annotations to the armor details dynamically linked to Revit armor. The annotations are linked to the armor details and indicate the main features of the reinforcement.
  • Create comfortable summary tables where every detail is dynamically linked to Reviti's armor. Changing the armor changes the details, so the design always remains consistent.
  • The free version free  offers the possibility to freely evaluate the product for a period of one month.
  • Two paid versions are available:
- Version with annual license for 100 USD
- Version with monthly  license 20 USD


Any updates to the plug-in, following the Release Date of the basic version, can be obtained by clicking on the following folder, bearing in mind that the update can only be performed if the reference base product has already been installed.

  • Updates available




⇒ Software per la progettazione di ponti

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⇒ Strumenti di calcolo per sezioni in c.a.

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